Reverb: The Art of Illusion

What a reverb plugin looks like.

Redline Reverb by 112dB.

So you’re making a song, but it sounds dull and flat. Things sound static and you’re having trouble placing things in the back of your mix. This is where reverb comes in handy. Reverb (short for reverberation) is the persistence of sound after a sound is produced. In layman’s terms, it is caused when you hear the sound waves bouncing off of walls or other objects, making the sound appear larger than it actually is. In digital audio, there are no walls to bounce off of. For that reason, a producer needs a reverb plugin. Through complex algorithms, a reverb plugin can create the illusion that the sound is in a space (such as a Large Hall as pictured above) that it actually isn’t. It’s a neat way to create space in your track as well as to make things sound as if they are further back in the mix.


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